Playing Fiddle In The Streets


"I would rather die than be caught playing violin in the streets," an exasperated colleague of mine exclaimed when we were backstage in Tully Hall, New York City, waiting to go on stage to perform.


Sure, I am a Juilliard graduate and Fulbright Scholar. So what?! Playing in the streets was great! Communication is communication, and where it happens is not the point. I always loved telling the stories in this book and invariably people loved them so here they are for you. I am sure you will be touched, and I can guarantee you, you will be laughing at the end of this little book!

Liesel Soley

Playing Fiddle - By Liesel Soley


Midwest Book Review

"Playing Fiddle In The Streets" is a compilation of four truly memorable stories about her experiences as a street musician that readers will find to be inherently fascinating, thought-provoking, and entertaining. Simply stated, "Playing Fiddle In The Streets" is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to personal reading lists and community library collections."

Michael McCarthy, International star of Les Miserable

"I just want to say that I absolutely loved your stories. Some of your life's moments captured so eloquently.

What I loved about the short stories in Playing Fiddle In The Streets is that after I finished reading them, I felt I had been part of the journey.

Despite such an illustrious resume, Liesel’s experiences and interactions performing for people on the streets are filled with honesty, soul and purpose.

As a fellow musician and performer who has been fortunate enough to perform in some of the top venues around the world, Royal Albert Hall, Broadway, West End, and on the streets of my hometown for a local charity, it is a pleasure to observe Liesel’s paintings, storytelling, and teaching through music and art. Liesel is the consummate artist."

Claude Begin

"An amazing collection of short stories based on Liesel’s experiences pertaining to playing violin outside of her academic and orchestral experiences. The introduction encapsulates Liesel’s public musical exhibitions in the US, England and France and provides both a bridge to the short stories and a glimpse of her determined, creative, and flexible personality. The short stories are engaging while providing completely different renderings of her public exhibitions. They are refreshing, complete, funny, insightful, and written with Shakespearean poise."

Chris Chen, Associate Professor of Management, University of South Florida

"Liesel Soley weaves a series of delightfully funny tales, illustrating her life as a violinist in the streets, depicting how the magic of music touches and connects all who listen."

Erin O’Brien

"The four stories Liesel describes in Playing Fiddle In The Streets are such captivating depictions into her experiences as a violinist. Each snapshot gives such an enchanting window into the world of an artist. The stories made me want to read more and learn more about the intriguing life of Liesel Soley."

Manuni Shah

"Playing Fiddle In The Streets - what a great book! It's a short and quick read but just the four stories speak volumes about the artist's journey of self-discovery. The stories, often ending on a funny note, talk about how the artist harnesses the power of art to challenge societal norms and practices and how, in the end, true art is valued and appreciated by everyone, everywhere."

Guy Menahem, Esq. and Sofia Menahem

"We have known Ms. Liesel Soley for close to three decades, and we can say without any hesitation that she has been a constant source of love, inspiration, and kindness in our lives.  She came into our lives when Guy (Sofia's son) had the honor and privilege of studying violin and viola with Ms. Soley.  She took his musical skills to a whole new level. After Guy went to college and pursued other areas of study (he is now in the legal field), we kept in touch with Liesel, and in fact, we give her credit for playing a role in saving Sofia's life.  Sofia had cancer, and Liesel inspired her to look into complementary natural methods, which we believe greatly improved Sofia's life and also played a key role in her ultimately becoming cancer-free. As if being an amazing music teacher and fountain of knowledge for health and wellness were not enough, again Liesel amazes us with her talent in the written word and visual arts. We are moved by the stories and are so honored to have been given the opportunity to know another side of Liesel's inspiring life story. In Playing Fiddle in the Streets, one senses and feels the heart and passion that she brings to everything that she does, and the light that she brings into the lives of others.  What a joy and an incredible delight it has been to be a part of Liesel Soley's life and journey!"

Susan Buys

"I just loved this! I got to the end and wished there were MORE Playing Fiddle In The Streets stories! I hope there will be.

You have a wonderful writing style that carries a reader  along - a lot like music carries the listener."

Alejandra Dana

"I LOVE THESE STORIES! They’re really so much fun and really lovely. I think my favorite one was the young man with his girlfriend and the private concert you played for them. Or maybe the one with the family including the baby. They’re all so lovely. Once again, thank you for asking me to read them. I love stories and these are my favorite kind."


To all who bring about reflection and joy to others whether as a professional creator or otherwise.

Author's Note

I had great fun experiencing these stories and writing them up and hope you, the reader, will have fun as well. Surprises can make life sparkle!


Liesel Soley