Violinist/Violist, Author, Illustrator, Painter

Violinist/Violist, Author, Illustrator, Painter


Although I have been creative in a number of the arts, teaching violin, viola and chamber music is very, very, special to me. I love introducing kids and adults to the wonderful world of music.


My students have contributed so much to me and others. They have been such an important part of my life’s work and given me such joy and happiness and tons of laughter!


Chris Chen, Associate Professor of Management, University of South Florida

“As an educator myself, I always look for the unmistakable trait in great teachers: their passion for education. When I first met Ms. Soley, I knew I not only had found my six-year-old son, Benjamin, a teacher for music, but a teacher for life. A true educator will teach you something beyond skills and techniques. She will teach you patience, dedication, love, compassion and, most importantly, the courage to devote yourself. It is an honor to have Ms. Soley in my family’s life.”

Jennifer Soley Gaden, grade-school and Natural-History Teacher

“My husband and I both were teachers—he was a college professor, and I taught elementary school and still teach adults. We both believed that three things were essential for superior teaching: a solid knowledge foundation, the ability to communicate clearly and enthusiasm. Liesel Soley is clearly endowed with each of these attributes, making her an exceptionally gifted teacher. One has only to recognize the achievements of her students and to observe the expressions on their faces—including Liesel’s—when they are music-making. Lucky is the violin student who crosses paths with Liesel Soley.”

Susan Robinson, former preschool teacher

“Parents and teachers can look to Liesel Soley as a great teacher of skills and an inspiring teacher for the love of the arts.”

Anne Miller, former second-grade teacher and teacher-librarian, Seattle, WA

“Lee Soley’s dedication and love for her students shine out. Ms. Soley has a lot to teach about the motivating power of laughter and personal relationship when working with students of all ages. She is an inspiration.”

Peter Stilton, Fine Artist and Art Educator

“Liesel is one of those engaging and dedicated musicians that encompasses some of the following words: ‘trouper,’ ‘dynamic,’ ‘energetic,’ and ‘spontaneous.’ I think her nickname should be ‘Vivace,’ as that relates to vitality and vividity. The absence of egotism, so evident in her teaching success, is a sterling quality. Like the ‘silver ladies’ on my vintage Rolls-Royce, she heads off on a chase to a musical horizon with power and grace. Can I say more?”


Special thanks to Richard Carter for the consistent expertise and integrity he brings to his profession as a photographer and designer. Also, for the many hours of help in putting together my artistic works, CDs, and books.