Violinist, Author, Illustrator

Violinist, Author, Illustrator


I am so excited to be able to announce the publication of my three most recent books, Could It Be?, Playing Fiddle In The Streets and If You Feel Like Smashing Your Violin…CALL ME IN A HURRY!

I am delighted you are here and truly hope you will not only enjoy browsing around my website but I sincerely hope you will avail yourselves of my books.

Could It Be? is a fictional story about life, death and spirituality. It is an area which I think many people find difficult to look at but I feel this book, which is so close to me personally, can not only bring about new possibilities or awareness but for those who have dealt with failure, painful losses and tremendous hardship, this story gives comfort, hope and encouragement.

Playing Fiddle In The Streets is just plain fun! I am sure there is not one amongst you who does not realize we all need and can benefit from fun and laughter!

If You Feel Like Smashing Your Violin…CALL ME IN A HURRY! is about my adventures as a professional violin, viola and chamber music teacher and my thoughts concerning the arts as a whole. There are wonderful stories and lots of beautiful colored pictures!



D.E. Lamont, Author and Photographic Artist

For Could It Be?

"I would characterize this story as a ‘Loving Parable for a New Age’. It touches on uncommon yet not unfamiliar ideas about birth, death, and spirituality set in a gentle, loving story. As the main character ponders these ideas, so do we, the readers. You will enjoy the story and wonder at the ideas."

Chris Chen, Associate Professor of Management, University of South Florida

For Playing Fiddle In The Streets

"Liesel Soley weaves a series of delightfully funny tales, illustrating her life as a violinist in the streets, depicting how the magic of music touches and connects all who listen."

Erin O’Brien

For Playing Fiddle In The Streets

"The four stories Liesel describes in Playing Fiddle In The Streets are such captivating depictions into her experiences as a violinist. Each snapshot gives such an enchanting window into the world of an artist. The stories made me want to read more and learn more about the intriguing life of Liesel Soley."

Hania Lux

For Could It Be?

"I love Could it Be? and how the author so skillfully presents very profound spiritual concepts within a charming story. The reader can’t help but be absorbed and wonder about those questions so many of us have concerning life and death. Thank you!"

Kathy Jakobsen, Nationally acclaimed Folk Artist/Illustrator

For Could It Be?

"An intriguing story of what happens after you ‘die’ and how to stay with your loved ones....!? Highly recommended!"


Special thanks to Richard Carter for the consistent expertise and integrity he brings to his profession as a photographer and designer. Also, for the many hours of help in putting together my artistic works, CDs, and books.


I want very much to acknowledge Fred Ulrich for proof reading my book. I really have appreciated his help.