Could It Be?


Death is imminent. A very caring and loving Kendra is at odds with her rather obstinate husband of many years, Franz. Yes, the subject of death and life has always been a source of considerable friction and so avoided for the most part, but Kendra now feels an urgency to bring it up once again as she wants to help Franz.

Franz and the reader will be engaged in confronting possibilities few people have heard of or even dreamt of.

Will the reader say "No, that can’t be!" or will a whole new outlook be contemplated?

At the very least you will find Could It Be? fascinating  and for those who have dealt with failure, painful losses and tremendous hardship, this story gives  comfort, hope and encouragement.

Could It Be - Liesel Soley


Midwest Book Review

"Told in the form of a thought-provoking and entertaining novella, "Could It Be?: A Spiritual Journey" will have a very special appeal to readers who have or our now having to deal with failure, painful losses and tremendous hardship and seek comfort, hope and encouragement -- especially in this present time of pandemic, economic distress, and societal unrest. "Could It Be?: A Spiritual Journey" is a timely and timeless little volume that is highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library collections."

D.E. Lamont

Author and Photographic Artist

"I would characterize this story as a ‘Loving Parable for a New Age’. It touches on uncommon yet not unfamiliar ideas about birth, death, and spirituality set in a gentle, loving story. As the main character ponders these ideas, so do we, the readers. You will enjoy the story and wonder at the ideas."

Kathy Jakobsen, Nationally acclaimed Folk Artist/Illustrator

"An intriguing story of what happens after you ‘die’ and how to stay with your loved ones....!? Highly recommended!"

Jackie Altieri

"A must read! Thought provoking and opens up a wonderful world of possibilities!!  Loved the story and it still has me thinking of who I would choose if given the opportunity."


"Could It Be? is a very aesthetically written tale with a clear spiritual statement about dying, death and rebirth. Unfortunately, many people do not have an understanding of the importance and value of the concepts presented in this story. My wife and I both love this tale and the way it is so beautifully expressed."


"I truly enjoyed reading this. The beginning pulled me right in with a beautiful layout of the characters and setting. You fall in love with these people. The message of the story is very spiritual and rings of truth!"


"I have read Could It Be? several times and still enjoy and love the story. Each time I have been instantly drawn in and stayed that way throughout. I even had some moments of tears in the eyes.

It is a brilliantly written story. You are such a good storyteller and superb writer!

To live again, why not. I recently met an old friend now in a young body and am enjoying watching this familiar spirit growing up!"

LeAnn DeMotts

"Wow! This story went where, to my knowledge, no one has gone before. The prose is lovely and created a pastoral and peaceful feeling for me. You approach the subject in a way that is easy to consider. And then, well into the story, I recognized that I was being given potential directions. For me, this was nice.

The way that Kendra gets Franz to participate in the ‘What If?’ is brilliant. And then when he realizes it actually could be true, I personally could feel the win too. I love the ending - a moment of suspense until we know who he picked and then the revelation. I loved the way it was revealed."

Hania Lux

"I love Could it Be? and how the author so skillfully presents very profound spiritual concepts within a charming story. The reader can’t help but be absorbed and wonder about those questions so many of us have concerning life and death. Thank you!"

Sharon Kane

"What a treat it is to unfold the layers of Liesel Soley’s many artistic talents.

Outermost is the joy and exuberance expressed in her violin playing. Then one encounters the gentle discipline of her teaching, and her devotion to her students. Going a bit deeper, one finds multiple new layers in her paintings and drawings, which range from whimsical to thought-provoking to pure fantasy. And, finally, one reaches the writer, whose vignettes and children’s stories give her readers more than just a glimpse into an adventurous life. Her writings inspire us to recognize our own talents and have the courage to use them to make a more beautiful and joyous world."

Erin O’Brien

"Liesel Soley’s ability to grip a reader through her thorough and careful description while storytelling is indisputable. Like her other writing, Could It Be? is mesmerizing in its detail. This story is a fascinating peek into the differences of beliefs within the narrative of life and death, even within a single family. This is a story of possibilities!"


I would like to dedicate this book to all those who seek to learn, understand, and know more about themselves as spiritual beings. And very specifically to those who help forward this endeavor and provide the means to achieve realization and awareness.

Author's Note

The spiritual concepts presented in this fictional story are very real to me. I have tremendous certainty and knowingness concerning these concepts. Because of all that I have become aware of through study, training, and application of various principles, the losses, difficulties, and challenges we all face are much more easily and successfully handled. I truly hope this will open up new possibilities for all of you, and for those who have experienced failure, painful losses, and tremendous hardships, this book gives comfort, hope, and encouragement. (See Recommended Reading)


Liesel Soley