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Can You Be An Artist?

This book was published in 2011.  Copies are available for purchase below!


I have always had a passion for the arts and kids. All children are unique and have within them the ability to create if encouraged and allowed to do so. Through the arts children can learn those vital and essential qualities so necessary in life such as independence, success and happiness. They can determine their own futures.


Liesel Soley

Can You Be An Artist


David J. Lane

Youth Librarian, Clearwater Public Library System

"This book feels so close to the heart. Through its warm, lively illustrations, it takes the reader to that place where family is close at hand and it’s safe to explore the world of possibility. Once in that space, the text takes over and causes the reader’s spirit to dance."

Peter Stilton

Fine Artist and Art Educator

"Liesel is one of those engaging and dedicated musicians that encompasses some of the following words: ’trouper,’ ‘dynamic,’ ‘energetic,’ and ’spontaneous.’ I think her nickname should be ‘Vivace,’ as that relates to vitality. The absence of egotism, so evident in her teaching success, is a sterling quality. Like the ’silver ladies’ on my vintage Rolls-Royce, she heads off on a chase to a musical horizon with power and grace. Can I say more?


"Her paintings translate and relate to her love of music, for there is movement, meter and ‘parts’ as in a sonata. There are contrasts and unity and a mathematical playfulness that parallels her musical verve."

Photos of Liesel signing books at Barnes and Noble while students provide a performance in the bookstore. Your present copy of Can You Be An Artist? can be signed upon request.

Could You Be An Artist - Book Signing 2
Could You Be An Artist - Book Signing 1